Banquet menu of our cafes provides a great freedom of choice of dishes from Russian and European cuisine. Inexpensive menu will allow you to hold the event without serious costs. The cost of the banquet menu is from 1500 rubles per person.

Wedding – The birthday of a new family!

How to spend it to make it cozy and delicious and memorable for a long time?

Cafes " Zolotoy Kolos", "Zolotoy Yakor", and "Kofeinia" invite you to spend a special occasion in your life with us.

Comfortable rooms with a capacity of 25 to 60 people.

A tasty, diverse menu for you, with pleasant prices.

When ordering a banquet for the sum of 35,000 rubles or more the newlyweds’ suite is for free.

Each conference or business event assumes a coffee break during the event, or a reception at the end of it. We offer you to spend a coffee break for only 200 rubles per person, or a reception from 700 rubles per person.

Our cafe menus consist of Russian and European dishes. There are also tasty fresh pastries, and you can also preorder a cake.

Our breakfast "buffet" menu consists of 48 different dishes, hot and cold appetizers, salads and pastries.

Business lunches and dinners are always delicious home-cooked styled meals.