From Aug. 27th till Sept. 4th, 2016 on Red Square in Moscow for hotel guests and participants of the festival we had special prices. From the hotel to Red Square is only 20 minutes by Metro.
Is it convenient for you to pay for accommodations and other services by the bank card “Mir”? We accept payments of the national bank card.
In honor of its’ 77th birthday, the Main Exhibition Center and Park of Russia, VDNKh, invites Muscovites and visitors to its Summer Arts Festival “Inspiration”.
Moscow school students won the Jubilee 50th International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad (a knowledge-based competitions among schoolchildren popular in Russia). They won four medals, three gold ones and a silver one. As the press service of the Department of Education explained, the gold medals were won by a Pirogov school tenth-grader, and eleventh-graders of the "Lyceum-gymnasium complex in the south-east" and school № 1101. Another graduate of the "Lyceum-gymnasium complex in the south-east," became the silver medalist.
The main exhibition of the country, VDNKh, was turned into a unique City of children for the city’s birthday, designed by young Muscovites and visitors. Children of all ages gave freedom to their imaginations, and tried themselves in the roles of architects, scientists, builders, and even magicians.