A new exhibition at VDNKh


"Space. The birth of a new era", from lunar rovers to space food

VDNKh has opened a new exhibition "Space: the birth of a new era." This is an exciting story about how Russia in just a few decades has been able to turn the eternal dream of mankind of space travel into reality.

In the exhibition hall, guests can also purchase actual space food - authentic food in tubes, which until recently was only available in space transport ships and space stations. Edible souvenirs (first and second courses, desserts) are made in the same factory and by the same advanced technologies that astronauts use in their diets. Astronaut food excludes synthetic preservatives, GMOs, artificial additives and flavor enhancers.

The cost of one tube was 300 rubles.

A "Space" exhibition was held in the interior of one of the most remarkable buildings in the capital - the N1 pavilion "Central". The three-tiered composition of the 100 meter building with a spire was created in the tradition of classical Russian Empire. The closest stylistic relative of the Central Pavilion at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements is the famous tower of the St. Petersburg Admiralty.

The exhibition ran an educational program with free lectures for adults and payable master classes for children, as well as excursions.