BDNKh Park and Exhibition Center

One of the most visited and favorite places of rest and entertainment for guests and residents of the capital is the Park, Exhibition and Cultural Complex called VDNHa.

It was built during the Soviet era, during the 1960s and 1970s, when there was something to be proud of, such as the Space Program. The complex is one of the most popular public spaces in Moscow. More than 24 million visitors a year come to the largest exposition, museum and recreational complex in the world. A year-round program of cultural and recreational activities offers leisure activities for every taste. In the winter the country’s largest skating rink offers an enormous number of events-concerts, shows, various festive openings, sporting events and activities for children. There are unforgettable children’s Christmas party- festivals in a high rope park.

In summer the famous fountains perform their beauty, while concerts, festivals and exhibitions are also performed. The Verdure Theater VDNHa open-air offers a wide variety of free daytime activities with orchestra performances and children's musical performances. On Fridays the Theatre offers performances by stars of the show "Stand Up"."Urban farm" at the exhibition in summer offers a summer club "City farm holidays”, many interesting events in Agrograde, contact with cute pets and teaching. In winter the city farm turns into a fairytale winter village with skating, snow slides, and tobogganing.

The Interactive Exhibition “Robostanciâ(Robot-station) at the park" is perhaps the most innovative and entertaining activity for the whole family. Every year this attraction interests more than 200,000 visitors from the age of four and up. There is not only a robot-make-up artist, an art robot, a robot-flute, a robot-beggar and a robot-Joker, but also "workers" and exhibits, which are collected from all over the world. Here you can get married in a robot-Wedding Hall and mingle with Star Dog, who willingly gives his robot-paw. The Media Zone is a cube with 4 copters, with the participation of robots and a mini workshop for the production of robot-heads. "Engineering happiness", presented by the artist-engineer-animator Alexander Gecoem, is a group of “living" mechanical paintings, each representing one of the scientific-technical discoveries of different centuries.

Created in the Soviet era, the complex of exhibition halls is now one of the most popular parks and exhibition sites of Moscow. At VDNHa, more than 100 international business exhibitions and congresses annually take place. On the territory of VDNKh is Russia's largest oceanarium "Moskvarium" and "Imaginarium”(a 3-D exhibition of photos by Maksim Goncharenko), which is gaining in popularity. Hotel guests can often obtain entrance discounts, which you can find at the hotel reception. If you're staying in the Hotel, you can get to all the most interesting events at the park. In fact, the hotel was built for guests of VDNKh and is in close proximity to the park and cultural complex.