Excursion along Moscow River

The Moscow river presently has 37 embankments. If you add the Drainage Canal embankments, Yauza River and other water bodies located within the city limits, you will get an impressive list. The choice of location for walks depends on your preferences. We will tell you about the five most popular promenades of the capital.

From the Kremlin, and located on the opposite bank of the river, the Sofia embankments offer the most spectacular views of the Kremlin. Here you can take beautiful pictures at any time and in any weather. The view is impossible to screw up. The downside of such trips will be air pollution due to the high density of road traffic.

Pushkinskaya embankment. The name of the great Russian poet is one of the most pleasant and romantic promenades of Moscow. It goes along the Central Park of Culture and Rest named after Maksim Gorkii and the Enjoyable Garden. Both of these places have established themselves as rest areas for people of all ages and interests. There is also entertainment, and secluded corners. On the promenade you will find two white marbled gazebos, designed by the architect M. Kazakov, beautiful staircases leading to the water, comfortable benches and much more. Where Titovskij path goes down to the river are just a few highlights. From the Gorky Park side is the Pushkin pedestrian bridge and Olive Beach with chaise lounges and umbrellas, as if you were at a seaside resort. Unfortunately, you can’t swim here, but you can dream about it. Near the Fun garden open-air disco. Nearby you can see the famous Green Theatre and a pier for river cruise boats.

Sparrow Embankment leads into the sanctuary Sparrow hills. This place will attract primarily for those who want a quiet corner for quiet meditation or quiet conversation with a friend. After all, Vorobyovy Gory entered history as the place where looking at the Kremlin, people made important and serious decisions. You can admire the beautiful panorama of the river and city from the observation platform, and after that walk down to the waterfront.

The Embankment in Kolomenskoe. The Kolomenskoye Museum Reserve is known for its many attractions. The peculiar terrain of this place gives it a special charm. Here you can walk along the water or enjoy views of the river from above. From here one can see canal locks. In addition, from the Kolomenskoye Marina ships leave regularly offering everyone a short boat trip.

Tarasa Shevchenko Embankment. This place is recommended to visit for those who like the new and unusual, because modern high-rise buildings of the complex ”Moscow City” are perfectly visible from here. You can often see photographers for whom the evening illumination is a gift.