Maksim Gorky Film Studio

The Children’s and Young Adult’s Film Studio in honor of Maksim Gorky is one of the oldest and largest in Russia. In 2015, it celebrated its’ 100-year anniversary.

Over the years the film studio has released more than 1,000 films, among them some of the best domestic films. It is difficult to imagine the history of national cinema without this studio:

  • “And Quiet Flows the Don (River)” directed by Sergei Gerasimov (1957) with 47 million viewers;
  • “Officers” directed by Vladimir Pogovova (1971) with 53,4 million viewers;
  • “The Dawns Here are Quiet“; directed by S. Rostostkovo (1973) with 66 million viewers;
  • “Pirates of the 20th Century”, the most successful film of the Soviet, post-Soviet or Russian film-making industry, a film directed by Boris Durov (1979) with 98 million viewers.

The most popular domestic TV movie series "Seventeen Moments of Spring" was made at the Studio (Yulian Semenov and Tatyana Lioznova, 1973), as well as many other well-known films such as: "I’m Twenty Years" (Marlena Hucieva), "Three Poplar Trees on Plyuschihe” (Tatiana Lioznovo)," Commissioner” (Alexander Askold), "Ovens -Benches" (Vasiliya Shukshina) and others.

Here, with the application of new technical capabilities, for the first time in Russia were created artistic films of different genres: Fantasy genre: “Aelita” (1924), the joint production of "Salamander" (1928), the first Russian film with sound: "Road to Life" (1931), a musical genre: "Squeeze Box" (1934), a color film "Grunya Kornakova" (1936), a film with sound based on the Russian fairy tale “Emelya” (1938). Here in 1941, was created stereoscopic films, which for viewing didn’t require special glasses, and in 1975 appeared the children's comic magazine "Yeralash".

The Film Studio is located on Sergei Eisenstein St. within walking distance from the hotel.