“Monument to the Worker and the Collective Farm Worker”

The Museum and Exhibition Center "Worker and Collective Farm Woman" was ceremoniously opened on Sept. 4, 2010 in the recreated building of cultural heritage Pavilion-pedestal in proportions, repeating the earlier construction, created in 1937 according to the project of Boris Yufan for the World Exhibition in Paris. Crowning the famous pedestal is Vera Mukhina's sculpture “Worker and Collective Farm Woman ". The dimensions of the pedestal are 21 X 65, 5 m (69 X 215 ft.) with a height of 34.5 m (114 ft.). The height of the sculpture is 23.5 m (77 ft.). In the building at one time may be up to 1200 people.

This is a great museum and exhibition complex which has a museum, three floors with rooms for various exhibitions and a Conference Hall. The Museum Exposition reveals the history of the creation of the Pavilion and the sculpture for the Paris Exhibition of 1937. Here are exhibited archival documents and photographs, designs of the sculpture, installations, paintings and sculptures, as well as memorabilia of Boris Iofan and Vera Mukhina. A documentary film is also shown.