Moscow Aquarium

All the beauty of the world ocean.

The Aquarium has a total area of 12000 sq. m. (129,000 sq. ft.) with 8000 sea and freshwater creatures from around the world: from Lake Baikal to the Galapagos, from Icelandic fjords to the Great Barrier Reef, from Greenland to Kamchatka. The Moscow Aquarium has the widest Russian exposition of freshwater fish. Visitors have a unique opportunity to touch crabs, starfish and stingrays in a specialized pool for these wildlife.

In a spacious lecture hall scientific and educational seminars and screenings or documentaries are held about marine wildlife. A team of experienced research staff will offer a rich excursion program on the 600-meter exposition with a visit to a panoramic platform, where you can observe killer whales, belugas and dolphins at arm's length.

The aquarium opens the show with rare stingrays, as well as with freshwater inhabitants. Section of the seas introduces the rich diversity of life in the White, Black and Japanese Seas. One of the swimming pools of the exposition literally gives you the opportunity to touch starfish and other amazing creatures, covering a whole gamut of emotions! A vivid illustration of the continuous motion of marine life is exemplified by a bunch of continuously moving schools of fish in the heart of the exhibition hall in a circular aquarium.