National Reserve “Elk Island”

"Elk Island" is located in the North-East of Moscow and starts from Sokolniki Park. In Moscow, in the area near the VDNKh Metro station (Alexeyevskii District), is a little less than 1/3 of the park's territory.

In the 12,000 hectares of the National Park one can meet coniferous forests of the Taiga zone, birch meadows, bogs, wetlands of different types, as well as different species of trees, meadows, meadows and ponds set up by park officials. Here the rivers Yauza and Pekhorka begin. The Park offers its visitors a unique opportunity to see the biggest mammals in the Moscow region — moose in their natural habitat, as well as on the territory of the Elk biostation. The park can accommodate those wishing to go on a variety of excursions. Participants would receive information about various natural objects and diverse ecosystems, play environmental games, learn to distinguish animal tracks. During the tour you can see squirrels, small rodents, big spotted woodpeckers, Jay, ox-eye, and, possibly, elk, wild boar or foxes.

Several environmental centers are included in the park such as: "Russian life" in the forest "Elk Island", "Tea-Party at Mytishchi" in the Mytiŝinskom forest park, “Abramtzevo" an Elk Island children's ecological and educational center "Red Pine ", the museum complex "Russian hunt " ("tsar's hunt") in the Alekseevskii Grove.