Ostankino Park

The State Museum is a historical complex where you can see original 18th century interiors, hear music and Opera from the Repertoire of Sheremetev's theatre.

Many legends, stories and mysteries are connected with this place. Even in the 16th century, when the history of Ostankino began, the Manor received a strange reputation. Everyone to whom Tsar Ivan the Terrible gave the estate, fall into disfavor with precarious constancy.

The heyday of Ostankino is connected with the name of Graf Nicholas Petrovich. The Ostankino Palace Theatre became the brainchild of artistic taste and wealth of Count Nikolai Petrovich, which was a reflection of the architectural influences of early classicism. In the estate is the Italian Pavilion with a picture gallery and the Egyptian Hall of receptions. Add to this opulence the molding, gilding, sculptures and vases taken from Europe, and a park with a 7-step cascade of ponds. That's why contemporaries called the Palace one of Arab nights.

The museum-farmstead is situated in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. A walk to there will give you pleasure and new knowledge about the history of Russia.