Otrada Park

Joy Park is one of the most unusual in Moscow. On the site of overgrown trails of weeds sprung up a wide wooden platform. A wobbly wooden bridge was replaced by beautiful arched walkways with comfortable railings. It might seem that the Garden of Eden was arranged here by some kind of magician. Here you can see a façade of the Swabian House, a balcony and Ivy for pedestrians, a skateboard area and either wooden or paved trails.

At the entrance a rectangular arch and twisted trunks of trees meet you. The most original objects of Park Otrada are sophisticated designs of unique swings hanging from hazel trees. Steel cables are suspended from wooden pillars that hold thirty benches. On these benches can swing up to 100 people simultaneously.

The landscape reminds one of Japanese parks, even the well-known Japanese garden at the Main Botanical Garden of Moscow. Graceful pedestrian bridges cross the river. The author of these unusual installations became the Moscow designer Nikolay Polissky and the architect of the Park was Galina Lihterova. The Park is the perfect place for relaxing or walking with children.

Joy Park is within walking distance of the hotel.