The Moscow Kremlin is the main attraction of the Russian capital, and based on its’ fame in the world, it certainly can be called the most significant landmark in Russia. For a visit to the Kremlin one needs to devote almost the whole day considering the important sights located around it (Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, Vasilievsky Spusk, Alexandrovsky Garden, walks in and around the Kremlin).
The Russian State Library (RSL) is a scientific and educational center in the area of bibliology, library and bibliography science. There are over 275 km of bookshelves in the Library with a unique collection of both domestic and foreign documents in 367 languages. Its book fund consists of over 45 million pieces. In addition to books, the library stores specialized collections of maps, sound recordings, music, rare books, dissertations, newspapers, and other types of publications.
One of the most visited and favorite places of rest and entertainment for guests and residents of the capital is the Park, Exhibition and Cultural Complex called VDNHa.
The International Exhibition Centre "Crocus Expo" is one of the largest and most advanced exhibition venues in the world and a member of the World Association of exhibition industry UFI in the categories "Organizers of Exhibitions" and "Exhibition Centre". The high status of the complex is confirmed by the large number of foreign partners who have chosen "Crocus Expo" as a platform for their projects.
MIBC "Moscow-City" is the biggest business, cultural and architectural center of world significance, combining the interests of Russian and foreign companies. The business center includes multifunctional complexes, connecting everything needed for business, leisure and entertainment. It is the ideal place for successful and enterprising people, challenging time, aspiring to perfection, valuing comfort and a high level of quality. For people with a taste for luxury living.