GUM Trading House In 2013 GUM celebrates its double anniversary. It accomplished 120 years from the day the Upper Trading Malls designed by architect Alexander Pomerantsev have been opened and 60 years since the GUM was reopened in 1953.
«Olympic» is a unique multi-functional sports and entertaining complex of Russia, which is considered a landmark in Moscow. Built for the 22nd Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980, "Olympic" consists of two main buildings, the stadium and a swimming pool. To this day, the "Olympic" remains the biggest indoor sports building in Europe. At the time of its’ opening, and generally, it had no equal in the world. «Olympic» is the only sports and entertainment complex of this scale, located in close proximity to the historical center of Moscow (near the Metro station "Prospect Mira").
Joy Park is one of the most unusual in Moscow. On the site of overgrown trails of weeds sprung up a wide wooden platform. A wobbly wooden bridge was replaced by beautiful arched walkways with comfortable railings. It might seem that the Garden of Eden was arranged here by some kind of magician. Here you can see a façade of the Swabian House, a balcony and Ivy for pedestrians, a skateboard area and either wooden or paved trails.
The Moscow Zoo was founded more than a century and a half ago. From the outset, on the site of today's Zoo were breeding ponds in which all kinds of fish were bred. At the end of the 18th century, near the Presnenskii ponds began to appear the menagerie, which of course was not like the current one, but already at that time pleased the whole population of Moscow with their inhabitants. The organizer of the Moscow Zoo was Tsar Alexander II, who gave the new Zoo an elephant, and allowed everyone to bring animals to the Zoo.
The Ostankino Tower observation deck is one of the key and unique tourist places in Moscow. An excursion up the Tower gives an unmatched sensation of height and view. The total height of the Ostankino television tower is 540 m (1770 ft.). It is the tallest self-standing building in Europe. The observation deck of the tower is the only place in the capital, where you can see all the sights of Moscow at the same time. More than 1,000 people ascend the Tower daily.