“Zolotoy Vavilon” Shopping Center

What is a trip to the capital without shopping?

In the immediate vicinity of the hotel is located on Prospect Mira "Golden Babylon", the biggest urban shopping center in Europe. Anyone can pleasurably spend the whole day here. Two levels of a modern shopping and entertainment center are lined with more than 450 stores, which sell everything from trendy clothes and cosmetics to computers and food.

In the Mall you will be able to find any service you need: cell/ mobile operator’s offices, bank branches, as well as beauty salons and dry cleaners. In "Golden Babylon" on Prospect Мira (trans: Peace Avenue) you will always find a large selection of entertainment for every taste and every age. Special entertainment for children allows parents to leisurely visit selected departments, and a large selection of cafés won’t leave you hungry.

From the Metro stations "Babushkinskaya", "VDNKh", «Otradnoe» and «Mayakovskaya» there are 14 free buses and public transport routes.