Hotel guests are invited for daily breakfasts in the cafes "Zolotoy Yakor", "Zolotoy Kolos" and "Kofeinia" from 7:00 to 10:00 Am for a hearty breakfast buffet.

The menu is diverse. Each person can choose a morning snack to their taste and preferences or something more serious. Here fans of hearty breakfasts or lovers of milk products or cereals will always find something delicious.

Breakfasts will be interesting even to finicky eaters and children.

A cup of coffee prepared for you by a professional barista will give you some cheerfulness and a positive mood for the whole day.

Guests staying in rooms with breakfast included, should show your guest cards at the entrance to the restaurant.

Guests who chose rooms without breakfast, can always get breakfast for an additional fee.

Bon Appetit! Have a wonderful day!