Arts Festival at VDNKh


Inspiration at VDNKh

It covered all the central avenues and squares of the Exhibition Center, as well as the historical pavilions and Green Theatre.

This year the festival presented the most popular art forms: theater, music, dance, shows, art installation and more.

The festival was opened with the concert "A great dream of an ordinary man" with Danila Kozlovsky (July 29th, Green Theatre of the Exhibition Center, 21:00).

On July 30th, Theater Day was announced at VDNKh. The Italian Theatre Studio Festi presented "A World of Travels. A Tale of a Dream "- the most massive performance in the history of street theater art.

On July 31st, Dance Day, the guests of VDNKh saw a large dance flashmob (on the central alley), and in the evening - a great show dedicated to Dance and Russian culture (the stage was near pavilion № 66 “Culture”.

The culmination of the festival was on August 1st, the birthday of VDNkh.

This day was declared Music Day. Famous street musicians and brass bands performed on the central alley. The Green Theatre had a musical flash mob featuring virtuoso guitarist Steve Vai, the Apocalyptica band and more than 100 Russian musicians.

At the end of the festival, on the central alley of VDNKh, an outdoor gala concert of classical music took place, with performances by Denis Matsuev, Veronica Dzhioeva and Vadim Repin (on August 1st).

Entrance to the arts festival "Inspiration" was free.

VDNKh Address is 119 Prospect Mira, Moscow.

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During the festival our hotel offered special prices.

Detailed information can be obtained by calling the hotel's Reservation Department.