Winners of the Mendeleyev Olympiad received gold medals


Moscow school students won the Jubilee 50th International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad (a knowledge-based competitions among schoolchildren popular in Russia). They won four medals, three gold ones and a silver one. As the press service of the Department of Education explained, the gold medals were won by a Pirogov school tenth-grader, and eleventh-graders of the "Lyceum-gymnasium complex in the south-east" and school № 1101. Another graduate of the "Lyceum-gymnasium complex in the south-east," became the silver medalist.

The International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad was held in Moscow in early May 2016. The competition consisted of three rounds: two theoretical and one practical. The competition was attended by over 100 students from 21 countries. The hotel "Zolotoy Kolos" was honored to host Olympiad contestants.

Congratulations to the winners! We invite Russian students for a summer vacation!