Cinema is around us!


For those who love cinema and want to know more about it, there is an exhibition "You wouldn’t even dream about it...." timed to the Year of Russian cinema. Production, playwriting, work of the director, operator and the artist, acting and installation, special effects and noise – the exhibition introduces every step of film making, using the experience of pre-revolutionary, Soviet and Russian cinemas.

10 halls of key cinematic professions, such as: Script Workshop, Filming techniques, special effects and many others invited the viewer into the fascinating world of movie making. They showed archival footage from previous shootings, the shooting script, fragments of famous films, costumes and scenery, which will help movie lovers evaluate the features of famous movies of national producers.

The exhibition "You wouldn’t even dream it..." was open daily in pavilion № 15 "Radioelectronics", except Monday, from 11.00 to 22.00. Among the novelties of the season at VDNKh, was the opening of a modern cinema-lecture hall. Here are shown winners of the Cannes and Venice film festivals, as well as the spectator premieres two or three days before their official release in Russia.

The cinema-lecture is located at VDNKh near pavilion № 62.

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